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May Aug
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Who am I?

I'm Hans Morehead, a freelance web designer/developer/photographer and avid gamer. I've been playing around with websites since almost as long as I can remember, probably since around "the birth of the Internet". I'm mostly self-taught by researching how to do things and reading online guides. By the time I took programming classes I didn't get much out of them except a piece of paper saying I passed. I started out by working on my personal sites using them to experiment with designs and development techniques. Over the years I've honed my skills and learned better ways to use them. Along the way I've picked up better coding habits and try to have valid W3C standard compliant code.

I started my web career at a local email marketing company. I spent over 2 years designing and implementing e-mail campaigns. I also helped out with website development. This is where I started getting more into PHP and MySQL and found I liked these more than just designing. After leaving that company I've been working more as a freelance designer building websites. In between projects I've been focusing on photography and building up my collection of useful and unique photos. Hence the reason I've built this website to offer high resolution photos to other designers and show different projects I've worked on.

What are my Skills?

Here is a list of skills I use and am always trying to add to and improve opon.

  • CSS
  • JavaScript / DOM Scripting

  • PHP 4
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • AJAX

  • Photoshop / ImageReady
  • Flash
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